Welcome to the new Switch® Genie, your comprehensive scoring system.

Up-to-date technology and design makes keeping score accurate, easy and fun.

This Genie is well worth the Switch®

With over 30 years in the industry, the people behind Switch® Bowling understand that no two centers are alike – every center must be uniquely organized and configured in a certain way. To make that task easier, we have created a brand new system, capable of handling all of your operational needs.

We’ve spent the last three years researching and developing our new system – the Switch® Genie. Switch® Genie uses the most up to date electronics, technology and design. It has been adapted to perform perfectly within the requirements of today’s fast-paced consumer world, not only for fun but also for competitive bowling as well.

Stay connected. Anywhere, Anytime.

Available on both iOS and Android devices, this new and innovative app enables bowlers to connect with others on a variety of social media platforms. Through the app, they can now share their experience in your center with the world.

Center operators can immediately connect with bowlers in their area that have downloaded the app as well. This enables proprietors to send customers push notifications making it easy to share upcoming events, promotions and specials instantly.

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Bowler’s Archive

Capture your customer’s details from each trip they make to your center, from dollars spent to games bowled complete with scores and averages.

Payment Methods

Switch® offers a wide range of payment methods, such as pay per game, per hour, post-pay or pre-pay mode. With numerous rate possibilities, discounts can be easily applied to a customer’s tab.

Customer Loyalty Program

Define your customers loyalty program rewards by keeping track of games bowled as well as other activities within your center.

Food and Beverage Sales

Food and beverage sales are handled with ease regardless whether your customers order lane-side, over the counter or through their individual lane consoles.

Monitor Additional Activity

Manage a variety of additional non-bowling activities all in one place such as billiards, darts, laser tag and foosball.

Advanced Booking System

Book small and large events through the booking system. They can track and trace every activity as well as pre-enter names to save time when they are due to play.

Electronic Waiting List

Gone are the days of paper waiting lists. Accelerate the handling of customers and even add them to the archive while they are waiting.

Easy to Use Bowler’s Console

Simple commands grouped into specific areas give bowlers more enjoyable game time. Bowler’s can easily change a line up or correct a score without waiting for assistance from the center’s staff.

Animations and Themes

Bowlers can choose from a variety of themes on each console featuring our original Crazy Pins, Kung Fu and Wild Wild West.


To utilize each system, each operator must check in with their unique login credentials, either with a swipe of their personalized magnetic card or entry of a personal password on the system. Each employees login credentials can be associated to a number of security levels – set by the owner or manager – at which they are allowed to operate. To make organizing your center easier, the Switch® system generates user groups, placing operators with similar security levels into groups, such as manager, assistant, cashier and mechanic. In addition to organizing such groups, proprietors have the ability to add modified, custom preferences within the preference screen.

New Scoring Features

The Switch® Genie is packed with a ton of brand new features! Each of these exciting new updates allow for better functionality with the associated programs and tools, safety, convenience and ease of use. Each of these features are available with the Switch® 2 upgrade and will be featured on the Switch® 3 Scoring system.

  • Fingerprint support
  • Credit card payment support
  • Image search via Google
  • New, vibrant graphics and animations
  • Advanced lane diagnostics and front desk communication
  • Emergency stop procedure
  • Capability to interface with Micros
  • Olympic bowling format

Stay tuned as we are currently working on additional innovate solutions and features that will be available soon!

Scoring Hardware

Complete with high resolution, 32” or 42” LCD monitors, the Switch® Scoring package brings the latest technology to it’s scoring system.

The complete scoring package includes:

  • Frontdesk station
  • 17” touchscreen monitor
  • LCD display for customers
  • Thermal ticket printer
  • Cash drawer with automatic opening
  • External memory storage for backup management
  • Laser printer for printing reports
  • Ergonomic keyboard and mouse

Lane stations

High performance Switch® Lane Controller
32” or 42” LCD Overhead Monitors
Switch® electronics for electronics pin detection and machine control

Switch® Bowler’s Console

Modern technology for modern times. Our new bowler’s console, designed and developed by Pininfarina, brings your bowlers an experience like no other. The sleek, flat panel, thermo-treated touch screen keyboard, allows bowlers to edit their bowler profiles and view statistics, ordering food and drinks and even place a video call to the front desk staff, all with the swipe of their finger.

For those looking for an upgrade, a 15” LCD touch screen is also available.

Software Add-ons

Add some excitement to your center with the addition of our Virtual Red Pin game. Virtual Red Pin enables you to determine the probability of a red pin falling into the one position. If a strike is bowled with the red pin in position, the bowler then receives a prize.


The Switch® 2 scoring and management system’s features and capabilities are regularly updated. The system is configured to interface with CDE, Embed, Intercard, Sacoa and R-Keeper systems.