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Accessorize your center with our wide selection of house balls, shoes, pins and Kegel Crossfire lane machine.

House Balls by Pininfarina

Designed by Pininfarina, Switch® urethane house balls are eye-catching and cool with a glow-in-the-dark color ring. Each weight has its own color code, adding to the attractive effect on the lanes.

Standard House Balls

Our standard house balls are both color coded and imprinted with the weight on each ball.


Switch® 100% leather house shoes are both stylish and comfortable. Available in Velcro only, each shoe size is embroidered on the back of the shoe making it easy for staff to select the right shoes for customers.


Switch® bowling pins are made of the finest quality maple wood and feature a nylon injected moulding and a special base ring to prevent fall out. These extremely attractive pins have a UV pigment throughout, are resistant to scratching and are USBC approved.

Kegel Crossfire Lane Machine

The Kegel Crossfire lane machine cleans and conditions a lane in just over one minute. It features an on-board keypad for easy programming, four pre-set programs for lane play flexibility, and three drive speeds. This compact machine uses a spray-jet cleaner application and a fresh cleaning cloth on every lane.

Kegel Flex

FLEX is Kegel’s most sophisticated and technologically advanced lane machine and its modern design makes a bold statement. The DUO conditioning system under the lid backs it up by combining Sanction Technology with dual conditioner tanks, making it the only lane machine to give you the benefit of easily using more than one lane conditioner in your center.